star_50.png Our Wood Has As Much Character As Your Great Aunt Betty... and is better looking too.

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TimeWorn Wood specializes in using reclaimed and rustic lumber to handcraft top quality solid wood table tops, communal dining tables and wall coverings for restaurants, bars, cafes and offices.  In addition to square, rectangle and round restaurant table tops, we can provide custom sizes and shapes to help you maximize every square inch of usable space.  For accommodating a large group, we offer a line of restaurant furniture that includes communal dining tables and benches.  These items also work great in offices as conference tables and work tables.

All of our products are made to order and expertly crafted by hand with the help of top-of-the-line machines.  Our reclaimed lumber is sourced from century-old barns, pioneer log cabins, and commercial structures.  

We ensure the lasting satisfaction of our customers by using the most advanced construction methods and applying durable, easy to maintain finishes.  Our top quality wood products can be seen in establishments around the country.